Monday, July 2, 2018

Upcoming Programs

I'll be available for a program in Cleveland from September 10-16.  Anyone seeking an initial initiation to the path can come for the 10th and 11th, while sadhaks can come the entire week.  I'll be able to provide any secodary initiations to those who have met the commitments and require it.   People attending this program will also be given a protector/guardian work, which is a type of energy that one can always rely upon.   While the various Vidyas have protective qualities, having a specific protector has a unique quality and function.   They are very useful in helping a sadhak overcome inner and outer obstructions, as well as protecting one from both subtle and material harm.   This program will also have the theme of "vows" where we'll discuss their meaning and implication.  I'll be focusing tantric vows and discussing large scale "view based vows" such as the wrathful vows.   After a proper understanding of implications, those attending will also have an oppurtunity to take vows if they so desire.

The second program coming up will be February 2019, and this will be at Arunachala.  This will be a sadhana program with a big and healthy dose of Shiva.   We'll do the Giri Pradakshina a few times,  and there will be a lot of meditation work.  This place is ideal to both the introduction to and abiding in pure and primordial awareness.   I've written in various places about this power place, so those interested can read.  There needs to be a minimum of 3 people for this program, and a max of 5.  We'll need advance notice/commitment as we'll be renting a cottage or house.

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