Wednesday, July 18, 2018

India Program Update-Ujjain

I've changed my mind concerning the February 2019 India program.  Instead of going to Arunachala, this program will be in Ujjain.

There are many powerful places here especailly for tantric sadhaks, so this will also be a sadhana program.   Of course, this is the place of Shri Mahakaaleshwar Jyoti Linga, as well as two Shakti Piths Harsiddhi and Gadkalika.  Harsiddhi is associated with the King Vikramaditya, while Kalidas got siddhi at Gadkalika.  While Mahakaaleshwar is the most famous Shiva temple, there are 84 Mahadeva temples in this area representing differing aspects, so we'll probally visit some of these.  The Mangalnath temple is supposed to be the birthplace of Mangal, so it is especailly auspicious in term of graha sites.  Another old temple is Chintamani Ganapati which we may explore.  Nearby Ujjain is the famous Kal Bhairav temple where the murti actually consumes liquor which is offered, so we'll definately go there.  Sandipani Muni's ashram is in Ujjain, and Krishna and Balarama spent time here with this Guru.  I'd like to visit this place, as well as the Samadhi of Matsyendranath which is nearby Ujjain.

While there are certainly many powerful places to visit, this will be a sadhana program and not a site seeing trip.  Our main areas of sadhana will be Chakratirtha and Gandharva Shamshans, which are said to be powerful creamation grounds.  These are also places where various tantrics and aghoris often practice, so those attending this program will be expected to move with a certain integrity and firmness of mind.

Those wanting to attend should let me know at the earliest possbile time.

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