Monday, October 2, 2017


True discipleship is a rare quality, almost rarer than manifestations of real Guru.  If one wants to see even the largest of spiritual giants melt and become like a child, then ask them about being a shishya.  A true shishya is always a shishya.  Many believe that merely taking diksha makes one a disciple of the path, but this is not so.  Even being a regular student doesn't measure up to the path of discipleship.  A Guru or a path, no matter how widespread or how many people come around, is lucky if there are 1 or 2 real shishyas.  Nowadays, people dismiss the path of the shishya before even truly entering it.   With clever spiritual jargon, they often use their own lack as some kind of merited relativistic defense.  They use the wisdom expressed and born from empowerment of a real shishya to justify their lack of being one.   A shishya is devoted only to Reality and perfectly realizing it.  They have no agenda other than that.  One cannot become a shishya to improve their life or to learn some spiritual skills to later use.   There is no certificates for a shishya, the universe will tremble and devatas will shower you with petals, but nobody else will give a shit (and a shishya doesn't care).  There are many qualities listed in the Tantras for a shishya, but sincerity and persistence are the most reliable.   People often make the mistake of thinking that a persons spiritual experiences, subtle perception and sharpness, knowledge, and even openness make for a great shishya.  While these qualities can be useful, people of a certain acumen that lack more grounded principles tend to be toe dippers who are clever enough to avoid really putting self in jeopardy while creating a narrative (with spiritual concepts) that they are (and that they are special).  A shishya isn't interested in defending a stance of wisdom, but rather constantly humble "their wisdom" by putting it into the fires (and discipleship is a raging fire).   Students of the path have answers for their "spiritual" friends, while a shishya answers to Dharmaraj.   Students can get bored and restless, and look for other spiritual entertainment, while for a shishya everything is the path, it is unescapable.  The moment one truly becomes a Shishya, their fate is sealed, it is only a matter of time.  True discipleship is the path of Ashirwad, Kripa, and Ananda, and it is the path of mingling and merging.  A shishya will always merge, and their last prayer is the sweetest prayer.  Their last prayer has been their constant prayer.   No one who knows it can say it without crying.  

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