Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Realized Expression

(From an email)

Question: While nurturing the seeds of realized expression, how does one destroy the seeds of ignorance?


In many ways, to nurture the seeds of realized expression is to destroy the seeds of ignorance.  In the context of the tantric vidya, what it is at heart is the path of accord and resonance.  That accord and resonance is called Guru, Devata, and Mantra, and each is seen in the other or more boldly stated each IS the other.  So when ones own Being is placed into accord, then there is a resonance. In keeping with a musical nature, let us view accord as chord and resonance as vibration.  So within that analogy, if Guru, Devata, and Mantra is a Jazz song, and one completely surrenders into and becomes that Jazz song, then anything which is out of chord (or vibrational resonance) is clearly seen as such.  This is an organic wisdom, and wisdom is the antidote of ignorance.  In Tantra , the wisdom arrises organically precisely because it is a path of energetic accord.  Therefore, there isn't a discrepancy between awareness (wisdom) and energy (resonance).  In most paths, one is asked to perceive or have the perspective to "hear" the jazz song, even though what is constantly playing is a  hard rock song of ignorance.  However, let me turn the diamond is another way, because the path of accord and resonance is so very easy that many find it difficult (or it is so simple that people need a bit of complexity).  The seeds of ignorance all spring from one source, so instead of striking at every branch and leave which arises, is better to see the root.  The root of all ignorance is the notion of "I" or "ahamkara", so to perceive the utter transparency of the "I" is to destroy the seeds of ignorance.  And there is no "how" about it or anything to be done, as awareness can only perceive the arising and the transparency.   But to understand this, while also creating resonance of expression is what i describe as holding the sword of wisdom which both kills and gives life.  Make no mistake though, to understand the easy path of accord and resonance is also to hold that sword, it is the highest art.

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