Monday, October 16, 2017


With unitive wisdom, there is great potential to seek and gain inspired company.   This means that once one understands that everything manifests from the primordial ground (i.e. one's own Awareness), the obstruction of doubt is removed which allows one to invoke presence (via presence) without limits.   While settling in Awareness, one needs only to invoke with openness, connect, and then resonate (i.e. find energetic accord with).  This is a great way to receive blessings which further progresses one on the path.   Many, even having been on the path for sometime, still have the subtle feeling that "it" is somehow elsewhere.  The "it" in this case refers to one's own enlightened nature, as well as embodiments of it (either devata, guru, or various saints).   When one overcomes this obstacle of view, then there arises confidence.  To invoke in confidence (and love) holds a power of command and immediacy.  The invocation stemming from perceived weakness or need lacks immediacy and stems from a perceived self (which interferes with openness and connection).  The "beggar" approach seems more humble, but is arrogant, while truly embracing one's nature seems arrogant but is humble.   The understanding of "without limits' means just that, and any element of Awareness that manifests, may do so.  If one wants to understand or seek the company of any Devata then one can do so.  In this case, the principle of openness should be complete, in so far as one does not dictate in any way what that manifestation "should" be like.  Like a double blind experiment, even the views of the "researcher" should effect result.   There does need to arise an intuitive point of connection for the initial invocation (which may require some type of view), but even this should arise in an openness and a willingness to experience (as it is).   Humans have a great legacy of awaken ancestors, and one may connect with various saints (even after they have left this world).   Often times, these adepts who have taken human incarnations are easier to connect with then devatas.  There is even the view  that these beings are greater, since they were willing (or have) experienced this realm.  To have a certain view from a throne is much different than having that same view while in the muck.  From the perspective of non-conceptual Awareness, there is neither time or space, so presence need not be influenced by either.  When one is feeling stuck or stagnant on the path, doing the practice to receive blessings from great beings will remove obstacles and propel one forward.  (In some cases, one may even receive subtle teachings and dikshas.)  If one reads about some deity or saint that inspires, then why be satisfied with just information and words, when one may put their entire being into that presence (i've written about surrender and accord, which is very applicable in these terms as well).   Those beings who have taken as their heart path the intention to see all being liberated are more than happy to receive those of great sincerity.   Like osmosis, if one continually puts their being in line with a Guru or a deity, then without effort, one will begin to take on the same qualities and realizations.

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