Sunday, August 20, 2017

Eclipse and Sadhana

During eclipse, the effects of all actions are multiplied, so it is important to be mindful during these periods.  For sadhaks, an eclipse is a very good time to focus on sadhana.  Both because of the multiplying factors during eclipse and the nature of mantra siddhi (which generally takes accumulation), mantra sadhana can be very potent and productive during these times.   Sadhana is multiplied by 10,000 during eclipse (and could even be more with certain other factors), so to recite a stotra once is like doing it 10,000 times.   In tantric sadhana, a vidya mantra usually has certain requirements to both make the mantra "active" and also to perfect it.  Therefore, during an eclipse, one may accomplish in hours what would have taken months or even years.  A mark of wisdom is being both efficient and skillful, so taking advantage of an opportunity (like an eclipse) should be seen in such a light.  Howerver, one shouldn't approach such endeavors with a greedy mind, as doing so would only multiply the effects of one's greed.  Rather, one should understand efficiency of action while also having pure motive and nobel intent.  To do such multiplying sadhana with the mindset that it is being done for the liberation of all has an incalculable beneficial effect.  There are several ways that one may structure a sadhana during eclipse.   One may sit through the entire eclipse period (starting when partial begins till complete finish), but it is often better to break into several sessions so one can stay sharp and more focused.   Three sessions work well, with one in the beginning of the eclipse period, a longer one running during greatest eclipse, and then a final one before the eclipse finishes.   A sadhak generally has different elements of their sadhana and Vidyas that they normally work with, so the structure of the eclipse sadhana needs to be clear beforehand.  Some decide to just work on one element during an eclipse, while others incorporate their entire sadhana mandala.  It is usually best to decide on a focus for the eclipse sadhana, which will be one or two elements that will get special attention.   However, one can still do their entire sadhana so that all elements are empowered, while going deeper with those aspects of special attention.  One is just doing a minimum of certain elements, while doing much more of those selected.  Sadhana during eclipse can push one to a new level in a Vidya, so it is good if one can intuit the timing of what it is best to focus upon.  

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