Sunday, July 9, 2017

One Taste

There comes a point in a sadhak's life where they can intuit and glimpse Reality at will, but are not completely established in/as it.   At this point, one must decide to be completely loyal to what has been revealed.  This is such a ruthless and uncompromising wisdom, and it must be effortless.   This may sound like a contradiction, but one needs to be loyal to the fundamental aspect which doesn't require confirmation or embellishment.   If something IS, then it follows that it doesn't need anything added (or subtracted) to make it so.   Therefore, to be loyal to that which is "present" without effort (i.e. spontaneously so) is to be effortless.  This is not a passive state, it is the veritable destroyer of worlds/self.  The ruthless turn required is to cease needing to know or possess this.  The world around will proceed as usual and this is the test.   It'll present good and bad.  It'll present things to hope and fear.   It'll present other seeming selves to stoke the passions of your own seeming self.  The uncompromising wisdom will cease to label, and the loyalty of one taste will dawn.  Perception is liberated by being as loyal to "others" true nature as one is their own.   Then where is self and where is other?   Your nature as the great wrathful one will bathe in a sea of blood, and give a great laugh.  Now, even liberation and bondage, samsara and nirvana, are of one taste.  What does it matter.  Great concepts profound and deep fall into the same sea and are drunk without sentiment.  Then fall, be fallen and see it is the same.  Read a book.  See a movie.  

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