Monday, July 3, 2017

Guru Purnima

Guru Purmina is coming this week, and it is the day where the Guru tattva is honored via puja, sadhana, and devotion.   The Guru tattva is held in high esteem in the Tantric traditions, and it is said that on Guru Purmina, this principle is easier to connect with and assimilate.  Moreover, any Guru sadhanas that a sadhak does on this day are multiplied by a factor of thousands in potency.  Also, on this day, it is very auspicious to chant or listen to the Guru Gita.   It is said that one who chants or listens to this with pure devotion on Guru Purnima will be liberated very soon.   Those who have a Guru should use the day to deepen their heart connection though inner practices of surrender and accord.  Guru Purmina is also a day of significance for Shiva as Adi Guru, so one should do puja to Shiva as Guru on this day (especially in the form of Dakshinamurti).   It is permissible for all to do Sadhana of Shiva with the panchakshar mantra.  Vyasa should also be honored on Guru Purnima, as this day is also connected to this great Guru.  At least a round of Vyasa mantra can be done on Guru Purnima.   Those who've received Mritunjaya mantra may combine the sadhana of Shiva and Vyasa, as the Mantra Mahodadhih speaks about the great power of doing so.  In that case, one repeats Mritunjaya regular, followed by Vyasa mantra, and then Mritunjaya in reverse order.  That combination would make one mantra.   However, don't get lost in too much sadhana, let the day be about heart and mingle your essence with the Guru.  This is the best puja. 

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