Monday, July 17, 2017

Cleveland Program

Our yearly USA gathering will be September 18-25.   Sadhaks will be welcomed during this week, and I'll be offering the Ugra Tara Diksha parts 1 and 2 (to those who completed 1) and maybe a protector practice.   Those seeking an initial Guru diksha are welcome to come for two days during this time period.   People who just want to sit with us, meet, and/or ask questions can also visit.   Those wanting to attend the program should contact Samhara (, and he'll send all the pertinent info about location, staying, commitments, and contribution requirements.    Those wanting to just come for two days for Guru Diksha should contact Aadya ( for more info.   There are space limitations and a deposit of intent is required, so best not to delay too much.   The structure of the week is loosely based, but usually includes two sadhana sessions per day, as well as teaching periods.   In many ways, these programs are more focused and productive than the India trips, as there aren't any distractions with moving around.   I'm looking forward to seeing all who are able to attend.  

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