Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Spontaneously Present

The understanding of presence is the effortless gateway to realization.  One should understand that if something is Real and True, then it must be so all the time.  Moreover, it needs neither confirmation or affirmation.  It cannot be negated either, as a simple experiment will prove: "try not to be present".  This simple quality which is often overlooked because it is so apparent is wholly spontaneous, and is not only indicative of ones own manifestation but of all manifest existence.  The understanding of one is the understanding of the other, as they are not dual.   When spontaneous presence is viewed and married with an understanding of the insubstantiality of phenomenon (outer and inner), then one is on the path.  Spontaneous Presence is a mystery, a mystery of one's true nature, so let it be so without trying to box or define it.  It is unbound.

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