Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Kamakhya Program

Most years we've had some program in India and the most recent was at Kamakhya.   It is a place dear to me and at this point kind of home, as we have a flat not too far away.  So it is nice to be able to share places meaningful to me with people who feel close to me.   Kamakhya is unique because it is on a hill, and the whole area is like a mandala.  There are temples there for all of the Das Mahavidya , as well as others Devatas.   Pilgrimage is an interesting concept, and like other elements of the path, there are various depths to its understanding.  When a sadhak has refined their openness and sensitivity, then pilgrimage is a process of deep accord whereby the energy of a "place" is assimilated.  In that way, one never really leaves the place of pilgrimage, but rather carries it with them.  On this trip, it was a good opportunity to sit together and to explore the area.  As with many sadhana trips, there are certain discomforts met.  The rooms and food aren't ideal, and various weather conditions present, but sadhaks should have some grit to them.  These yoga studio warriors whose retreats are spas can't even look a real sadhak in the eye.  Anyway, good trip, maybe more to come!

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