Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Everyday We Lit

There is no experience in the future.  It is always now.   One should identify the aspect in oneself which is constantly putting off stepping fully into reality.  Even at high levels of the path, this type of avoidance takes place, so one must be vigilant against it.  To hear about the path and to have it resonate is a huge opportunity, and to not embrace it is a waste.  People are under the illusion that that have plenty of time, and this is an obstruction.  While sadhana should be consistent and planned over a time period, the individual sessions themselves should be each taken like it is one's last.  There are all kinds of open doorways for people, but they need to embolden their spirit and jump with both feet.  One should understand that there are no assurances about the future, and if death comes, there are no assurances that one will either encounter or resonant with a path seeking freedom.   Be both confident and urgent.  Be willing to encounter anything at all that arises without fear.  From one day to the next, sincere sadhaks are different beings, that is how to move.  

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