Sunday, May 7, 2017


People entering the path sometimes wonder which Deity would be best for them to practice.   Often, one has a certain affinity or attraction to certain manifestations, and this could be a good indicator.   For example, if this affinity stems from working with the vidya in previous incarnations or some other deep resonate factors, then it is an appropriate pointer.   However, sometimes the attraction is more personality based, either due to a projection or a perceived lack.  This means that what one thinks of a particular devata is seen as enforcement of perceived qualities  or as qualities that one wants to have.  While this type of attraction may be more superficial, it is not necessarily indicative of any lack of potential, as even so called personality aspects are seen as energetic possibilities.   It is important to understand though, that affinity or attraction isn't always wise, so one should be open.  Many sadhaks have gotten swift and profound results from working with devatas they hadn't much considered, while having to really grind to potentiate a devata they find appealing.  This is not to suggest that swift accomplishment is the only consideration, and often times working with a vidya where a sadhak really has to grind it out and struggle can be a real blessing.   Regardless of one's affinities, it is certain that there are certain manifestations which are "quick to respond" while others take more time.  Moreover, certain energies are more "active" during certain periods of time.   In terms of working with a Devata, people have various opinions about if a person should go straight into a strength (or potential strength) or if one should temper and balance.  For example, if a person is naturally intense and aggressive the question arises, should they work with a very wrathful form to directly transmute those energies or should they first cultivate a "softer" work so that the underlying motive (or the wrathful form) is better understood (and they have a rounder understanding and expression).   There is no "correct" answer, and it almost always depends on the individual.   Also, there are various aspects of the path which lend itself to doing both to various degrees.   The type of work one will do will be determined initially by what Guru one is drawn toward.  It is a mistake to just "choose" a Guru based on what devata or sadhana one thinks they'll get, and one should go to a Guru because they feel a deep heart connection.  That said, in the Tantric Vidya, Guru, Devata, and one's own True Nature are not divisible,  so one can trust that connection to Guru is connection to Devata.  Regardless of a potential sadhaks proclivities, a Guru is going to have a Devata or a few which will be the basic diksha works (the bread and butter), that all sadhaks have to go through.  Afterward (or in conjunction), the Guru may give other more specific works or Devatas for a person.  However, it is most important to accomplish the Vidya in front of you, and not suffer from the "grass is greener" syndrome.  It is as sure as sure can be, that the qualities that allow one to accomplish one vidya will be the same that allow the accomplishment of another.  And just as sure, is that if one can't potentiate one, then looking elsewhere is meaningless.   With all these various manifestation, it is of great importance to understand that they manifest from One source, and that source is your own true nature which is groundless/boundless Awareness.   To proceed with this understand makes any work powerful, and to proceed without it is like a beggar hoping for a crumb.  One should intimately link any manifestation with their own Awareness and life breath.  One should proceed like already accomplished, and when there is nothing to "get", a great well spring of compassion will arise.   To work for the liberation of all isn't a sentiment, but a wisdom.  A wisdom that recognizes it couldn't be any other way.  

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